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Hi, I am Thomas and I am 44 years old. I am from Denmark but I live in Australia with my amazing wife and daughter

In high school I met this crazy guy who wanted to become a film director and he told me I could become a film producer. That was the moment I was sold and since then I have worked in the film business for the last 20 years as a producer, sales agent and now crowdfunding pioneer.


Thomas Mai (13)

I have sold over hundreds of feature films to distributors around the world ranging from the smallest independent films to bigger films with Hollywood stars. I run workshops and seminars to help filmmakers understand the new digital rules.

I created Smart Film Income to have a place where filmmakers can learn and share their stories.

The film business is at a major paradigm shift in financing, marketing and distribution. This is the best of times for filmmakers but it can also be one of the most confusing and scary times depending on how you look at the world. My goal is to share my thoughts and allow filmmakers to live a more sustainable life and create an income from their film projects.

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Thomas Mai (12)
What people are saying

Thomas has a clear cut strategy for the distribution of high quality content in the digital age. He is very proactive, responsive to change, and willing to experiment. It's always a pleasure to exchange with him and get things done.

Pierre-Alexandre Labelle Pierre-Alexandre Labelle
Co-Founder at Under The Milky Way